Rising STARS and the impact of the pandemic

Rising STARS and the impact of the pandemic

The world has been experiencing a challenging time during the Covid-19 pandemic and we have all been trying to find our ways of understanding and adapting to the situation. The Rising STARS project and its individual partners have been no exception to this.

The project officially started in February 2020 just before the beginning of the virus and its unpredictable spread at a global scale. The Rising STARS consortium successfully organized its Kick-off-Meeting on 30 January 2020, where presentations and discussions were all transferred online in digital format.

However, as the pandemic was becoming bigger and strict lockdown measures were implemented across many countries, the Rising STARS partners had to work from home, refrain from going to their on-site facilities, and delay the initial advancements of the project.

One of the main features of Rising STARS is the secondment trips that will be organized for knowledge and experience exchange purposes between the participant institutions and companies. Naturally, this has been put on hold, until country borders reopen and travelling becomes secure again.

As the Rising STARS co-ordinator, Damien Gratadour from the Observatoire de Paris, argues, “Covid-19 has put an extraordinary pressure on many organizations, worldwide, but it has also exacerbated the power of innovation to overcome the limitations imposed by strict lockdown measures. As a truly global project, we are deemed to succeed in the implementation of efficient remote collaborations but they cannot fully replace mobility as originally planned in this project. As the world turns into a safer place, we will soon resume our mobility plans to make sure we can meet our initial objectives”, he adds.

We therefore remain excited for our upcoming activities - make sure to watch this space for any Rising STARS news and updates!