A fundamental aspect of our research program is the cross-sector and inter/multidisciplinary consortium.

It is composed of a top-level HPC research center (BSC), multinational companies and SMEs leaders in the development of advanced Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) from various industrial domains (NVIDIA, Thales, Microgate, Kalray) and end-users and experts, i.e. astronomers, belonging to major astronomical observatories (OdP, Subaru, SKA), from seven different countries and four continents.
Apart from bringing extensive experience in methodologies that range from theoretical work, to simulations and lab experiments as well as on-sky validation, the partners will also co-organise workshops and are present as ESRs and Experienced Researchers (ERs) secondments hosts. The links created between these partners and the academic teams of the network are expected to lead to the development of multidisciplinary solutions for the next generation of advanced CPS, with the aim to provide young researchers with a wide multidisciplinary profile.